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Jesse McCartney’s Flaunt Magazine Feature

September 9, 2015

Jesse McCartney Flaunt MagazinePhotographed by Alvin Nguyen, Jesse McCartney posed for the camera on a mountain for Flaunt Magazine and talked with them about his career, the Backstreet Boys, and much more!

Jesse discussed what motivated him to go down the path he’s on, giving all credit to his parents saying, “My Mom and Dad were both very musically and theatrically inclined and from the time I was a young child they played me every old show tune, movie, song and TV show that I needed to know.

He also talked about how long it typically takes to write a record, and for him, it depends: “I’ve written songs in a couple hours and I’ve had songs take two months toget right. I wouldn’t say it’s an easy process, necessarily, but it certainly can be.

To find what year Jesse would relive, how he’s maintained his poise and more, read the full interview and check out more photos from Jesse’s Flaunt shoot right here!