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Posted on May 1, 2016

See Jesse at the Pool After Dark June 11th, 2016

The residency continues. On June 11th, 2016 Jesse will be returning to Atlantic City, NJ to perform at the Pool After Dark‘s weekly Epic Saturday’s night! Get your tickets here and come out for an epic time (must be 21+).


Posted on September 9, 2015

Jesse McCartney’s Flaunt Magazine Feature

Jesse McCartney Flaunt MagazinePhotographed by Alvin Nguyen, Jesse McCartney posed for the camera on a mountain for Flaunt Magazine and talked with them about his career, the Backstreet Boys, and much more!

Jesse discussed what motivated him to go down the path he’s on, giving all credit to his parents saying, “My Mom and Dad were both very musically and theatrically inclined and from the time I was a young child they played me every old show tune, movie, song and TV show that I needed to know.

He also talked about how long it typically takes to write a record, and for him, it depends: “I’ve written songs in a couple hours and I’ve had songs take two months toget right. I wouldn’t say it’s an easy process, necessarily, but it certainly can be.

To find what year Jesse would relive, how he’s maintained his poise and more, read the full interview and check out more photos from Jesse’s Flaunt shoot right here!

Posted on July 9, 2015

‘Alvin and the Chipmunks: The Road Chip’ Trailer

Pack your bags, it’s time to hit the road with Alvin and the Chipmunks. Watch the new trailer for Alvin and the Chipmunks: The Road Chip now!

Alvin and the Chipmunks: The Road Chip | Official Trailer: Through a series of misunderstandings, Alvin, Simon and Theodore come to believe that Dave is going to propose to his new girlfriend in New York City…and dump them. They have three days to get to him and stop the proposal, saving themselves not only from losing Dave but possibly from gaining a terrible stepbrother.

Written by Randi Mayem and Adam Sztykiel
Based on characters Alvin and The Chipmunks created by Ross Bagdasarian and The Chipettes created by Janice Karman

Cast: Jason Lee, Tony Hale, Kimberly Williams-Paisley, Justin Long, Matthew Gray Gubler, Jesse McCartney, Kaley Cuoco-Sweeting, Anna Faris, Christina Applegate

Posted on May 23, 2015

EW Interview: ‘Young & Hungry’ & More

Jesse McCartney Entertainment Weekly EW Young & Hungry Alvin Chipmunks InterviewJesse recently spoke to EW about the Spring finale of Young & Hungry (watch preview here) and how he’s very different from his tech-savvy character. Plus, he explains what it takes to get that squeaky voice for the Alvin and the Chipmunks franchise. Read a piece from the interview below!

What can you tell us about the mid-season finale?
There’s a big reveal, and I think there’s an ongoing love triangle that just comes to a head. The audience is kind of in the know about stuff that Cooper’s not in the know about, and they’re gonna see Cooper’s reaction to this whole love triangle. And there’s a big dramatic scene at the end.

In the Chernobyl Diaries, you and Jonathan Sadowski played brothers, and now you’re competing for the same woman.
We got a chance to work in Budapest together and in Serbia for two months, and we became really good buddies. Incidentally, he became my neighbor. He lives right down the street from me. We literally carpool to work.

The great thing about this show is that it’s a family show, but also a grown-up show.
It’s easy to pass judgment on the network [ABC Family] because it has “family” in the title, but I think they’ve done a relatively good job of pushing the envelope a little bit, and trying to tackle real life topics for people in their later teen years and early college years. I realized that when I was shooting Greek a few years back. It wasn’t exactly what you would think of when you think of a family show.

Read full interview…